Greenworks Water is committed to the provision of mains fed water systems and do not supply bottled water or water coolers due to their negative impact on the environment.

Transporting bottled water around the UK from Europe and afar creates a huge negative impact on the environment.

Transportation of bottled by road creates pollution and congestion.

Installing Greenworks hospitality systems with reusable bottles eliminates the issues of glass and plastic packaging waste with instant cost savings and huge impact in reducing clients carbon footprint.

The Greenworks hospitality system is ideal for hotels and conference centres restaurants and offices and the moment you install the system you will have chilled,clean freshly dispensed still and sparkling water on demand.

Greenworks' system filter, chill and dispense water straight from the mains water supply, eradicating the need for regular water deliveries. In contrast to the regular deliveries required for the provision of bottled water,

Greenworks' water cooler units only require an average of two services each per year in order to ensure they are functioning to the highest standards. Our water is also served chilled on demand, eliminating the need for fridge space or storage.

The equipment can dispense up to 180 litres per hour but a full appraisal of your requirements can be completed at site survey stage. Our water bottles are being sold on a ‘not for profit’ basis. All the profit from the sale of these bottles goes directly into the Greencare Foundation. This is a charitable foundation that funds clean water and sanitation projects in Ghana.

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