Services FAQs

  • Am I contracted to use Greenworks if so for how long?

    We have 1, 2 & 3 year contracts but we also complete one off services for customers.

  • Can I use my existing filters?

    Yes but we have arranged special rates for you to use 3M filters.

  • Can our company acquire Greenworks customers?

    We work in a competitive market and understand that we will lose business to competition.

  • Is there a service centre number & is communication good?

    We pride ourselves on our customer service and our dedicated help desk is situated in Warrington. This is a free phone number and is manned by our fully qualified service staff.

  • Price of installations or servicing?

    Depends on quantity and type of dispensing equipment

  • What happens if we stop using Greenworks, will a non compete remain in force?

    Only if we both agree to sign a contract but we do service one off without contracts.

  • What if Greenworks attend a breakdown and is called back will we be charged?

    If Greenworks attend a breakdown and it is not our fault the visit will be charged.

  • What service levels can we expect and how quickly will Greenworks respond?

    We currently work at 99% service levels with a maximum of 48 hour response time. Our vehicles have tracking system

  • What will stop you taking my customers?

    Once you have instructed us to carry out service on your behalf, the customer will be entered on to our database as your customer and we undertake not to approach them directly or indirectly to take the account away from you.

  • Will your engineers, vans, & paperwork be branded with the Greenworks Logo?

    Yes with Greenworks water unless you specify otherwise.