Cleaning and replacing your floors costs time and money. Research has found that over 70% of the dust and dirt in buildings is walked in from outside, often amounting to several pounds of dirt every day. Floor protection mats trap this dirt and moisture, preventing it from being spread throughout the building.

  • Our professional mat service: Prolongs the life of floors and carpets, delaying replacement costs
  • Reduces cleaning time and materials costs
  • Prevents unsightly marks within entrances and other doorways
  • Reduces dust levels, helping avoid problems with e.g. ventilation ducts or electronic equipment
  • Reinforces your image by using mats with your logo or message
  • Improves safety by reducing slips and falls in wet areas
  • Standard Mats are available in Red, Brown or Grey each with a subtle black fibre interwoven.
  • Personalised logo mats are made specifically to incorporate your logo, marketing message or other company message.
  • They are available in various sizes in a vast range of colours, so we will certainly be able to match your corporate identity.

Send us a copy of your logo and we will provide sample artwork so that you can see how the mat will look like before it is produced.


  • Blue, Black or Brown mats: 150mm x 85mm, 180mm x 120mm, 360mm x 85mm
  • Personalised logo mats: 5ft x3ft, 6ft x 4ft
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