Greenworks Washrooms - Recycling Waste

  • Our agent currently recycles over £1 million worth of energy each year through our Waste-to-Energy (WtE) facilities.
  • All incinerators have heat recovery boilers that provide heat and/or steam to host 7,000 hospital beds at local hospitals and the National Grid.
  • Once waste is burned in the primary and secondary incineration chambers, gases are passed through tubes to the boiler at around 1,000°C.
  • Water on the outside of the tubes cools the gases so powdered chemicals can be added to neutralise the residue, before the final emissions are transferred to the incinerator stack for steam conversion.
  • Spent lime from the incineration process is also recycled; this highly alkaline waste product is re-used as an acid neutraliser in industrial processes to ensure that the final waste stream is PH neutral – further reducing our environmental impact.