Greenworks puts an end to tap water snobbery

Water House sets the standard for restaurants by providing premium bottled water, filtered on-site

LONDON, 7th February, 2008: You’re out for dinner and request that most basic of public services - a glass of tap water. No sooner have the words left your lips than the waiter looks at you as if you’ve just asked him for a lap dance and suddenly you feel like the laughing stock of the restaurant. Sound familiar?

Tap water snobbery in restaurants is a dying fad, as today Greenworks Water announces that eco-restaurant, Water House is to be the UK’s first restaurant to provide premium, bottled tap water using its on-site filtration system. From today’s opening, bottled, filtered tap water will be offered to Water House customers. The move represents a major U-turn for the restaurant industry and is expected to supersede the unsustainable trend for restaurants to ship-in expensive mineral water from remote locations.

Water House is owned by the charitable regeneration agency, The Shoreditch Trust and developed in collaboration with eco restaurateurs, Arthur Potts Dawson and Jamie Grainger-Smith. Every aspect of the restaurant has been designed with the environment in mind, including the use of hydro-electric power and ambient heating from the Regent’s Canal, hydro carbon fridges to reduce energy consumption, and organic waste management. Arthur Potts-Dawson said: “Water is central to the restaurant, both practically as a source of power and philosophically as the source of life and regeneration. By providing water which is filtered and chilled on-site, and therefore not harming the environment, we are staying true to this theme.”

The use of mains-fed water in Water House follows findings from the National Consumer Council (NCC) revealing 70 per ce of us think that mineral water sold in restaurants is ‘too expensive’

Adam Warren, Director of Greencare H20, commented, “Automatically serving diners with expensive mineral water shipped from remote locations is a hangover from the 90’s, when most consumers were unaware of the environmental impacts. We’re not suggesting that spritzer drinkers should be deprived of their bubbles – our filtration units can also produce sparkling water on-site! What we are saying is that environmentally unfriendly water is no longer the de facto choice for the catering industry. Britons are more clued up than ever about the environmental impacts of their lives and this awareness now extends to their habits when eating out, as well as in the home.”

Transporting bottled water in the UK is estimated to produce around 33,200 tons of carbon dioxide emissions - equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 6,000 homes. Warren, added “We are confident that the carbon footprint of the restaurant industry will decrease significantly as other organisations follow the Water House model and eliminate the costs and associated ‘water miles’ of transporting bottled water.”

Greencare H2O water coolers filter, chill and dispense water straight from the mains water supply, eradicating the need for regular water deliveries. In contrast to the regular deliveries required for the provision of bottled water, Greencare H2O’s water cooler units only require an average of two services each per year in order to ensure they are functioning to the highest standards.